Vibradermabrasion Testimonials

I wanted to improve facial imperfections with Vibradermabrasion and my treatment was amazing. I’ll definitely be back as I want to get laser hair removal and tattoo removal. Really liked how friendly people are at your office.

— Olympic Dermatology Vibradermabrasion patient July, 2017

My check in, Vibradermabrasion procedure, and appointment rescheduling went smoothly. Lindsay is a fabulous provider. She listens, is attuned to my needs and explains exactly what she is going to do! I’m very satisfied with everything.

— Olympic Dermatology Vibradermabrasion patient May, 2017

You’re the only folks in Olympia and Lacey that do Vibradermabrasion. Lindsay is fabulous!  She really listens to my needs and I appreciate our sessions. From the time I arrive to my procedure and am welcomed by your front office, it’s always a great experience!  I’m very satisfied with my positive results. Please offer a military discount.

— Olympic Dermatology Vibradermabrasion patient April, 2017

Check in, procedure and check out all very smooth. It was a great experience, thank you.  Lindsay is always very attentive and a great provider! Please consider offering military discounts.

— Olympic Dermatology Vibradermabrasion patient March 2017

Your positive reputation and referrals from friends and family are why I chose Olympic Dermatology. I’m very satisfied on all fronts including my results.  Please consider offering discounts for military.

— Olympic Dermatology Vibradermabrasion patient January 2017

Many state of the art treatments are why I chose Olympic Dermatology for Vibradermabrasion.  You have excellent staff and I’m very satisfied with everything from my overall experience and results to my improved appearance and care.

— Olympic Dermatology Vibradermabrasion patient January 2017

Found you on the Internet and chose Olympic Dermatology for your experienced providers and good services.  I’m very satisfied with everything; from the results of my procedure to how you met my expectations overall.

— Olympic Dermatology Vibradermabrasion patient October 2016

Your positive reputation, experienced providers and medical excellence are why I chose Olympic Dermatology for Vibradermabrasion.  I’m very satisfied with my overall experience.  I’ll definitely be back and refer you to others.

— Olympic Dermatology Vibradermabrasion patient August 2014

I’m very happy with the positive results of my Vibradermabrasion; my skin looks awesome after the treatment!

— Olympic Dermatology Vibradermabrasion patient, October 2013

I’ve experienced and learned about skin care with your expert professionals over the years.  As a woman over 50, the products and services of Olympic Dermatology have changed my life for the better!

— Olympic Dermatology Vibradermabrasion patient, July 2013