Varicose & Leg Vein Removal Testimonials

Experienced providers are why I chose OlyDerm for spider vein removal. The care and service were excellent.

— Olympic Dermatology Sclerotherapy patient November, 2018

I appreciate Dr. Brazil and Sharon; they’re so nice, caring and professional. I think you offer a lot of good services and products.  I’m anticipating very good results from my neck and jowl liposuction and Thermage treatment.  Just like how satisfied I am with my leg vein removal procedure, they look so much better!

— Olympic Dermatology leg vein removal patient January 2014

I’ve had painful and unsightly leg veins since high school. After Sclerotherapy for the larger veins, then the VascuLight laser for the spider veins, my legs look and feel great!  I’m very happy with my treatments at Olympic Dermatology and would recommend to anyone with leg vein problems to see them for treatment.

— Olympic Dermatology Sclerotherapy patient, January 2012