SPECTRA Laser Testimonials

I’m very satisfied with my Spectra peel for treating dry patches on my face and spider veins on my ankle. Your care is very good and staff is very friendly.

— Olympic Dermatology SPECTRA Laser patient March, 2018

I chose Olympic Dermatology for a Spectra peel to remove dark spots on my face because of your excellent staff. I’d definitely refer others to you as well for the quality care and procedures and knowledgeable providers.

— Olympic Dermatology SPECTRA Laser patient October, 2017

My skin suffered from hyperpigmentation issues due to acne scarring, with a little Melasma.  The Spectra “Hollywood” Peel is by far my most favorite treatment. The first pass is a very minor snap, but not painful at all.  The second pass is very warm and relaxing.  My provider Lindsay started off by applying carbon to my skin which adheres to problem areas, particularly my nose.  The treatment removed my whiteheads and blackheads, helped with the overall texture of my skin by balancing it out, shrunk my pores and brightened up my skin.  It now feels and looks flawless.  I have received many compliments and I am told I have an overall glow.  I’m 31 and most don’t believe me because of my skin.  Overall I was 100% satisfied with the Spectra, I would recommend it to anyone, and definitely do again.

— Olympic Dermatology SPECTRA Laser patient February 2017