Blepharoplasty Testimonials

I reviewed online ratings and felt Olympic Dermatology would be a good place to find a caregiver for the long term. I had blepharoplasty performed because I wanted to lift my upper eye lids. My field of vision was reduced and I was bumping my head on things I couldn’t see well. I was tipping my head back and getting a sore neck just to see what was in front of me. Your care and service were great. Everything was easy and well run. All the staff was professional and always had my comfort and what was best for me in mind. Dr. Brazil is GREAT with a good sense of humor! Would do it over any day with this provider

— Olympic Dermatology Blepharoplasty patient August, 2017

Caring, expert providers and a positive reputation made Olympic Dermatology the right choice for me.  You met all my expectations, and I’m very satisfied with my treatment results.  I’ll definitely be back and tell others about my positive experience.

— Olympic Dermatology Blepharoplasty patient, December 2013

I choose Olympic Dermatology for medical excellence, experience providers and a positive reputation.  I’m very satisfied with all aspects of my upper eyelid lift procedure and appreciate my improved appearance and positive results.  I’m also very satisfied with your office, staff and the skin care education I received.  I’ll definitely be back and recommend you to my family and friends.

— Olympic Dermatology blepharoplasty patient, August, 2013

I consulted with the experts at Olympic Dermatology about blepharoplasty to improve my vision and looks. I decided this procedure to tighten the upper eyelids was right for me. The whole experience was relaxed and anxiety-free. I love the results and recommend it to others.

— Ellen Davis, Olympic Dermatology blepharoplasty patient, October 2012