Acne Testimonials

I sure needed help and I’m looking better now.

— Olympic Dermatology acne patient December, 2018

I’ve struggled with acne for 10+ years, tried every topical cream, face mask, face scrubs…everything; and with no improvement except a decline in my self-confidence. I finally decided to seek professional help 7 months ago, and Larry Robinson was able to quickly and thoroughly find the root of my problem. He examined my face and informed me that what I had previously been trying to “help” my skin was actually making it more “angry/irritated.” He prescribed the right topical ointment along with helpful tips in taking care of my face and skin, and I saw immediate results within 2 weeks, seriously… 2 weeks! I was amazed. My skin has never been this clear, it keeps improving and I’ve regained my self-confidence. I highly recommend my provider Larry Robinson and the entire friendly office staff at Olympic Dermatology.

— Olympic Dermatology acne patient December, 2018

Larry Robinson is really nice but also really efficient. I appreciate that when I saw him for my acne treatment follow up appointment.

— Olympic Dermatology medical patient September 2018

My provider, Suzanne, was friendly and caring during my follow up visit for acne meds. The staff is also friendly, it’s a pleasure to be seen by all of them.

— Olympic Dermatology medical patient September 2018

I saw Larry Robinson for acne and everything about my visit was excellent. I especially like that he’s always on time.

— Olympic Dermatology medical patient January, 2018

We saw Suzanne for acne and she was fantastic. At this visit and others, both of my kids love seeing Suzanne. All your providers are great.

— Olympic Dermatology acne patient November, 2017

Larry is great. I saw him for acne at my last appointment. Everything about my overall experience was excellent.

— Olympic Dermatology acne patient October, 2017

My extraction treatment to address acne and remove whiteheads was a success, I’m very pleased!

— Olympic Dermatology cosmetic patient September, 2017

I saw Jennifer Cozart for acne and really appreciated her friendliness, the quick visit and less waiting time. Everything was excellent.

— Olympic Dermatology medical patient July, 2017

I chose Olympic Dermatology for your experienced providers. The one thing I really appreciated about my experience is Lindsay’s friendliness. She did excellent with the chemical peel I had to address acne scarring and improve my complexion.

— Olympic Dermatology chemical peel patient June, 2017

I’m a medical and cosmetic dermatology patient and was most recently in for extraction of milia and black heads. I’m very satisfied with my overall experience. You did excellent and my provider Lindsay was fabulous. I really liked her upbeat personality and the 70s music that played during my treatment!

— Olympic Dermatology acne patient March 2017

My skin suffered from hyperpigmentation issues due to acne scarring, with a little Melasma.  The Spectra “Hollywood” Peel is by far my most favorite treatment. The first pass is a very minor snap, but not painful at all.  The second pass is very warm and relaxing.  My provider Lindsay started off by applying carbon to my skin which adheres to problem areas, particularly my nose.  The treatment removed my whiteheads and blackheads, helped with the overall texture of my skin by balancing it out, shrunk my pores and brightened up my skin.  It now feels and looks flawless.  I have received many compliments and I am told I have an overall glow.  I’m 31 and most don’t believe me because of my skin.  Overall I was 100% satisfied with the Spectra, I would recommend it to anyone, and definitely do again.

— Olympic Dermatology SPECTRA Laser patient February 2017

I’m very satisfied with everything about my acne treatment and results, from medical information and education to how you met my expectations. I’ll definitely be back and refer you to others.

— Olympic Dermatology acne patient January 2017

I learned about Olympic Dermatology’s services on the Internet and chose you for white head extraction because of your positive reputation.  The greatest benefits are my improved appearance, skin care education, quality care from experienced provider and positive results.

— Olympic Dermatology acne patient March 2016

My daughter’s acne caused her much grief in high school.  But it’s cleared up since we began seeing her physician assistant Larry Robinson at Olympic Dermatology.  Very understanding, he quickly assessed her condition and prescribed a topical treatment that keeps acne flare ups at bay.  She’s so much happier, thank you!

— Olympic Dermatology acne patient September 2015

We met with Wendy to discuss skin care for our daughter.  Great experience and she is very knowledgeable.  I’d recommend that all patients meet with her following acne consults.

— Olympic Dermatology acne patient June 2014

I can’t believe how much my daughter’s acne has improved; it’s nearly gone.  I’m so glad we went to Olympic Dermatology.  The entire staff there is wonderful.  Not only did they help us treat my daughter’s condition with excellent, personalized medical care and boost her self-image, we were also educated about what causes acne and what we can do about it.  Thank you!

— Olympic Dermatology acne care patient, June 2013