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Olympic Dermatology is Now Offering Telemedicine

Quality, Convenient, Care!

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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine, or Teledermatology, is a virtual office visit that can be done from the comfort of your home. Our trained medical providers will be able to talk to you and visualize your skin condition in real time. Insurance verification and billing will be the same as usual.  A history, exam, diagnosis and therapeutic plan will occur like normal with your regular Olympic Dermatology providers.  Of course, in-person exams are available as well, and patients who need a more detailed exam or biopsy after a teledermatology visit will be seen promptly.

How Does Telemedicine Work?

Quality, convenient care wherever you are, these virtual appointments are an alternative or precursor to in-office visits for your skin, hair and nails. Teledermatology appointments are similar to using FaceTime, except our telehealth services software is HIPAA-compliant for your privacy. You will just need a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a camera with video capability and a microphone. You will also need internet access and a compatible browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Scheduling a teledermatology appointment is easy – just can call our front desk at (360) 459-1700.  We’ll email you detailed instructions to get started and be your personal “help desk” throughout the entire process.

What Kind of Skin Conditions Does Teledermatology Treat?

Most anything you would see your regular Olympic Dermatology provider for including acne, rashes, lesions/spot checks, toenail fungus, prescription refills, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, bacterial infections, hair loss, eczema, shingles, and warts. If you’re unsure, we’ll help you when you schedule.

Does My Insurance Cover Teledermatology & Telemedicine?

Teledermatology and telemedicine is covered by Medicare and most major insurance plans. It’s also subject to copays, coinsurance and deductibles. We’ll verify your coverage and bill insurance for your teledermatology appointment, similar to regular office visit financial policies. Our front desk will call the day before your appointment to collect any copay over the phone or via our patient portal. We strongly recommend you contact your insurance company to determine the status of your out-of-pocket responsibility.  Their phone number is on the back of your insurance card. You may also call us at  (360) 459-1700 option 5 and we will try to assist you with questions!

How Will I Get My Prescription?

Your prescription will be faxed to your pharmacy for pickup. You can also use our in-office prescription program. Call ahead and we’ll have it ready for you. Pay for it over the phone, online or in person.

Why Do I Need to Log into the Patient Portal?

We need to ensure we have an updated copy of your insurance card(s) and photo ID, and we will need to make sure your medications and past medical history are correct before your teledermatology visit.

How Do I Access the Patient Portal?

Log in online.  If you haven’t registered yet, call us at (360) 459-1700 and we’ll get you started.

What Kind of Technology Does Olympic Dermatology Use? is a HIPAA compliant, secure telemedicine website. The audiovisual visit requires the following technology:

  • smartphone or a computer/laptop/tablet with a camera and microphone for video capability
  • access to high-speed internet
  • a compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)

The telehealth services provider will also have a live camera during the visit. Additionally, there is a chat room where you can type if the audio is malfunctioning. This is very similar to using facetime but is conducted via a HIPAA compliant platform.

What if I don’t have a compatible device?

If you don’t have a smartphone or computer/tablet with a camera and microphone, please share with us the contact information of a friend or family member who does and you’ve authorized to help you with this appointment.

We look forward to your first teledermatology appointment! You’re welcome to review more information about the patient experience and/or print a copy of this easy step by step Check In Flyer for Patients

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