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Letter to Referring Providers

To our valued referring providers:

It’s hard to believe, but I’m in my 28th year as a dermatologist here in Olympia.  A lot has changed in the practice of medicine, but one thing remains constant; being a medical provider is the best career ever. Thanks to all of you for your referrals to Olympic Dermatology. We’re honored you choose us to help care for your patients.

Dermatology has evolved significantly in the last 28 years. I was fortunate to train at Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center where they encourage innovation, require perfection and foster independence.  I tried to maintain that approach throughout my career and believe it’s reflected in the comprehensive services and medical excellence we offer at Olympic Dermatology. What follows is a brief overview of what that means for your Letter to Referring Providerspatients.  More detail on all these services and advances is on our Web site.

Medical and surgical dermatology is our main focus. Our satisfied patients tell us we’re quite good at taking care of their acne, eczema, psoriasis, viral, fungal and bacterial infections, and all manner of general dermatology problems.

We also appreciate difficult cases, such as collagen-vascular diseases, drug eruptions or cutaneous lymphomas. The breadth of dermatology is exciting and without your referrals we wouldn’t see as many interesting cases!

One of the most rewarding changes in dermatology is the evolution of biologic therapies. The ability to fundamentally change the life of a patient with psoriasis for the better using Humira, Stelara and Cosentyx is amazing.

Another exciting development is in the management of stage 3-4 melanomas.  We’ve been primary care for stage 0-1 melanomas, but the late stage melanomas were managed by oncology and historically these patients have rarely been able to return for follow-up. Now with anti-BRAF agents and immune modifying drugs, such as Ipilimumab, we’re able to see these patients in coordination with oncology to manage cutaneous side effects and even monitor for second malignancies. What a change!

We do a lot of skin surgery and focus on high cure rates, aesthetically pleasing scars after removal of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers on all body sites, as well as benign lesions as indicated.  We incorporate adjuvant therapies including 5-Fluorouracil, Imiquimod and photodynamic therapy and laser ablations when appropriate.  We have a good relationship with several Mohs surgeons for margin control or tissue sparing.

Our cosmetic dermatology practice is a natural extension of our general dermatology practice and we offer one of the widest arrays of treatment options in western Washington. We have effective procedures for skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, body contouring and skin tightening.

I want to thank you again for entrusting your patients’ care to us.  If you have a clinical question, please call us on our physician-only line at 360-459-1700/press 9, and if you have an emergent referral we will see your patients ASAP upon request.

Finally, here are a few administrative reminders that will make referrals easier for you and your patients.  We:

  • offer Saturday appointments and work hard to keep our waiting times as short as possible;
  • are committed to providing prompt feedback to you on the patients you refer and have modified our electronic medical record system to help us do a better job;
  • are taking new patients;
  • accept all major insurance plans;
  • strive to maintain our reputation for medical excellence, a caring, friendly office and convenient online resources to make it easier to communicate with us.


Jim Brazil, MD
Larry Robinson, PA-C
Suzanne Magann, PA-C
Emma Heidbreder, PA-C

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