Excessive Sweating

New solutions for an Embarrassing Problem

Excessive sweating or Hyperhydrosis is a common medical condition that can be personally distressing and demoralizing. Often, patients experiencing this condition suffer in silence while trying to disguise the endless sweating with special clothing, powders, and pads. Until now, sufferers had limited options. However, Botox™ may now be the solution. Botox has recently been FDA-approved for severe underarm sweating when other topical agents have been ineffective.

Hyperhydrosis is common in 3% of the population. It is one’s natural process to sweat with over 3 million sweat glands covering the human body. However, when sweating becomes constant, excessive, and/ or totally embarrassing – this condition can affect one’s personal life, social interactions and career choices. Botox treatment helps control this condition by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate sweat glands. When the chemical signals become interrupted, the excessive sweating stops. Botox treatment has proven to be effective for underarm sweating in a variety of clinical studies. In one clinical trial, over 55% of 104 patients treated with Botox achieved an effective reduction compared to only 6% without treatment. Hyperhydrosis on the hands has also proven to respond to Botox injections. This office procedure is relatively simple and straightforward. Reduction of excessive sweating is usually observed within the first 4 weeks. The average length of response is around 6.7 months.

The Olympic Dermatology and Laser Clinic is proud to offer this new procedure to our patients. Insurance reimbursement is available in most cases. To explore the possibilities of Botox injections, please contact our office for a consultation with one of our medical practitioners.

The Olympic Dermatology and Laser Clinic is an approved site from the Allergan Company for our use of Botox Cosmetic Products – the only FDA licensed product for temporary reduction of Moderate to Severe wrinkle lines.