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Less Is More

Many of us want smoother, clearer skin. We can help you to it at Olympic Dermatology. The most advanced laser technology in the hands of our expert, experienced cosmetic providers is the place to start. Often these procedures are life changing for our patients.

Ultra Bright Peel

Take it from Olympic Dermatology’s Master Esthetician, “I’ve had great results treating my patients with Ultra Bright for improving skin tone, minimizing sun damage and lightening stubborn melasma. This procedure is unique due to the ability to treat patients of all skin types and colors, who previously had limited options for pigment correction with other treatments or lasers.

Laser Hair Reduction

We offer the newest, most effective technology available for better permanent hair removal and reduction. Vectus Laser™ is faster and more comfortable for patients. It has a larger treatment tip with specialized cooling system, and the only FDA-cleared melanin reader that enables us to individualize treatments by your particular skin and hair type.

Spectra Tattoo Removal

Olympic Dermatology has two decades of experience with tattoo removal and is a leader in proven laser technologies and quality patient care. We use the “engineered for performance” Spectra laser to significantly lighten or completely remove black or color tattoos. Energy is delivered efficiently to maximize effect while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue.

Spectra Melasma Treatment

Many people struggle to control dark patches on their face called Melasma. Our Spectra laser is FDA-approved to treat this and other pigment conditions.  Safe on all skin types, it’s fast with no downtime. Olympic Dermatology is on the forefront of new and improved ways to help our patients, and we’re able to increase Melasma removal success rate by using Microdermabrasion before laser treatment.

Vasculite Laser Treatment

One of the first to offer patients Vasculite laser treatment for the removal and reduction of varicose and leg veins, this technology selectively heats different sizes of broken blood vessels at different depths under the skin with excellent results. Our experienced providers treat complex and interwoven networks of veins, vessels and webs of small capillaries with pinpoint control.


A popular procedure for removing and reducing the appearance of spider veins, our experienced providers inject a sclerosing solution into the vein through a micro-needle. This causes the vein to turn white and gradually disappear. Non-invasive with minimal downtime, multiple veins are treated in a single session, and it can be combined with Vasculite laser to treat complex clusters of veins.

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