Scar Revision

Scars are the result of thickened collagen extending through the dermis. Shallow scars can often be improved with a series of Vibradermabrasion, chemical peels, or Fraxel laser resurfacing. Deeper, soft-bordered scars do well with CO2 / Erbium laser skin resurfacing.

Some scars, however, need surgical excision to look better. Deep acne pits, sharp-edged depressed scars, inverted scar lines (trough-like), or scars crossing maximum tension lines require excision. By carefully considering each scar and its relationship to the surrounding natural skin lines, a repair can be designed to improve each scar’s appearance. Z-plasty, M-plasty, and other complicated repairs can be used when necessary. All repairs will be improved by resurfacing with either the CO2 or Fraxel lasers performed 8 weeks after surgery.

Before Scar Treatment After Four Treatments
Photo before scar treatment Photo after scar treatment

This may not represent all outcomes of this procedure.

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