Cosmetic Dermatology

The ability to restore lost skin function is one of the most exciting aspects of our specialty. As a cosmetic dermatologist, our goal is primarily skin rejuvenation, not enhancement. Our office is annually certified as a Center of Excellence for patient care and physician training in aesthetic laser services. We are the only medical facility in Washington to receive these honors.

Our cosmetic dermatologists offer three levels of skin rejuvenation.

Level One Rejuvenation

This level of rejuvenation focuses on epidermal and superficial dermal repair. Level I rejuvenation will improve skin tone, decrease hyper-pigmentation, and provide smoother skin. The following treatments are available:

Level Two Rejuvenation

This level of rejuvenation can improve the appearance of the epidermis and deeper layers of the dermis. Level II rejuvenation improves skin tone and texture, produces new collagen, tightens pores, decreases pigmentation, reduces vessels, tightens skin, and improves wrinkles. These procedures are all non-ablative, non-destructive, safe and effective, with little to no expected down time. The following treatments are available:

Level Three Rejuvenation

This level of rejuvenation involves tissue destruction or surgical removal of abnormal skin. Improvement in skin texture, tone, elasticity, and contour can be dramatic. Down time for healing is required. The following treatments are available:

Other Aesthetic Services

Olympic Dermatology continues to offer new and improved aesthetic procedures on a regular basis. Some of these procedures include treating abnormal leg veins, removing unwanted tattoos, performing permanent hair removal and reduction, and treating spider veins. The following treatments are available:

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