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We’re committed to expertise in dermatology. The care of your skin is a complicated and rapidly expanding medical field. The study of normal skin function and the understanding of abnormal skin problems requires four years of post-medical school training to achieve dermatology Board Certification. The maintenance of this specialized certification requires 100s of hours of Continuing Medical Education through the American Board of Dermatology.

“Excellent patient-focused care. I’ve been going for six years and they keep reinvesting in the practice to make it better. Other docs should take note of how efficient this clinic is, no burdensome paperwork and incredible clinical staff and front office.”

— Olympic Dermatology medical patient

This dermatologic expertise is transferred from Dr. Brazil to our providers by intensive hands-on training. Staff are also committed to their own continuing education. Another quality that makes Olympic Dermatology stand out is our commitment to exploring innovative technology that can improve your skin’s appearance and increase its wellness. We stay on the forefront of dermatology excellence  with attendance at many surgical and laser medicine conferences and ongoing literature review.

Experience Healthier Skin

We are a full spectrum dermatology clinic, and combine medical, surgical and cosmetic expertise to help you look and feel your best. The ideal is skin of our youth before external damage occurred, aging changes developed, or skin diseases appeared. We recognize that this is a lofty goal, but are committed to helping our patients by staying on the forefront of scientific knowledge that leads us in that direction. Whether you have developed a medical skin condition like psoriasis, or have begun showing signs of sun damage, or simply love your skin and want to keep it the way it is today, we have the expertise to help you.

Experience our Results

Reproducible results are the hallmark of quality medical care. We have always documented our results and shared them by publishing original research in medical journals and with presentations at national meetings of laser medicine and dermatologic surgery Associations. Our staff networks extensively with other national experts in the medical and cosmetic industry, and we incorporate this knowledge in our treatment plans to maximize the benefits we can offer you.

When you compare us to others, be sure to inquire how they document their outcomes and their level of expertise.

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