It was 2003, and I just lost my second Practice Administrator in 3 years.  The position was vacant for several months due to a lack of qualified applicants, and I was getting desperate.  Then I saw Lennae Holm’s resume.  I’d known Lennae professionally as the manager of the orthopedics practice that I shared my building with, but when that doctor retired she moved on to a new position.  I knew she was a successful administrator and immediately scheduled an interview.  Things went smoothly and she began work with us several weeks later.

Fast forward 14 years.  Lennae has been an indispensable part of my life.  The practice grew under her tutelage from 6 staff to 22, and under her supervision the office space grew and was transformed into what you see today.  She watched my children grow up and offered advice on things both personal and professional.  We have a shared history that makes our relationship seem more like a friendship than an employee/employer contract.  And yet she has always been professional, and the most important thing of all is that I trust her implicitly.

Backtrack to 2009, and Lennae has me interview a young woman for a front desk position.  She has some experience from a chiropractic office, but is basically a blank slate.  The young woman is Kathryn McDonell (at the time Hall-Thompson), and she quickly became an integral part of the front office. She helped the office transition from paper to electronic medical records, and her technical expertise was critical.  She was organized and efficient, friendly and accommodating, plus able to deal with conflicts well.  After several years she resigned to pursue administrative positions, and while we were happy to see her grow professionally, we were sad to see her go.

Now it’s 2018, and Lennae announces her retirement.  Yikes!  Who can I find to run the office, someone who wants to live in Olympia and who I can grow to trust?  Applications cross my desk, but none are strong candidates.  And then I see a resume from Kathryn.  She has been an administrative assistant for a large regional medical group and a non-profit, and is looking for the next level of professional responsibility.  Eureka!  Problem solved, and what a relief.

I know Kathryn will bring the same commitment to this position she has to every position she has taken, and my trust-meter is already in the green.  Lennae will be missed, that is certain, but Kathryn has the capabilities to help me run the office and manage future challenges and opportunities.  Please join me in welcoming Kathryn back and thanking Lennae for all she’s contributed to Olympic Dermatology, our patients and staff.