Tip of the Month: Epionce for Psoriasis

Why is Epionce great for psoriasis?

Skin with psoriasis has chronic inflammation and a disrupted skin barrier. Secondary infection can set in, making the itching and tenderness worse.

Even if your patient is using prescription psoriasis medication, Epionce use at-home can help relieve the symptoms and improve the appearance of the skin. Epionce products not only help stop the inflammation and repair the skin barrier, but the anti-microbial properties of certain Epionce products clear and prevent secondary infections.

Here are some great before & after images when the patient only used Epionce for clearance of the psoriasis plaques:

Which Products Do We Recommend?

The number one question we hear from patients is – how do I help my skin look better? Epionce technology, made with anti-inflammatory and barrier repairing ingredients, is
designed to work on the frustrating visible symptoms of psoriasis.

Lytic Gel Cleanser
Cleans the skin without stripping key oils; anti-microbial properties help minimize infection; keratolytic properties help reduce plaque build-up. Cleanse 2x daily.

Lytic Tx or Lytic Plus Tx
Keratolytic properties help reduce plaque build-up; anti-inflammatory properties impact the chronic inflammation in the skin. Apply 2-4x daily prior to Barrier cream.

Extreme or Medical Barrier Cream
Renew and fortify the damaged skin barrier. Helps reduce the excessive skin cell division. Helps relieve itching & tenderness. Anti-inflammatory properties impact the chronic inflammation in the skin. Apply 2-8x daily.

Active Shield Lotion SPF 30+ or Ultra Shield Lotion SPF 50
Non-sensitizing, broad-spectrum formulas provide protection from excessive UV exposure. Apply every morning.

Let’s Role Play with an Epionce Professional

Client: I hate to use my topical steroid cream all the time. Do I have any other choice?
Epionce Professional: It is important to follow the prescription recommendations of your physician. The great thing about Epionce is that it compliments prescription products really well. Epionce Medical Barrier Cream can be applied following your steroid cream application to help keep your barrier function healthy. Ongoing use of topical steroids can create chronic inflammation, which creates an ongoing cycle of damage when coupled with an already unhealthy skin barrier. When you cycle off your steroid cream, I can recommend a combination of Epionce home care products to help keep your results [Refer to Protocol and Treatment Handbook, Home Care Regimens for Patients with Skin Conditions]. I would encourage you to talk to you primary physician about all options available to you.

Client: Which Lytic is best to use for my psoriasis?
Epionce Professional: The general rule when using Lytics to help diminish excess skin scale is: the thicker the scale, the stronger the Lytic. For the two patients highlighted in the Before & After photos, they used Lytic Plus or Lytic Sport to help clear their symptoms. Cleanse with Lytic Gel Cleanser before applying your Lytic product.

Client: Should I use Extreme Barrier Cream or Medical Barrier Cream? What’s the difference?
Epionce Professional: Extreme Barrier Cream is used for maintenance once you see the results you want to see with Lytic and Medical Barrier Cream. Extreme Barrier Cream does have essential oils to provide extra anti-microbial action, but the oils could be sensitizing on extremely flared skin. When in doubt, always start first with Medical Barrier Cream, then make the switch when your symptoms have calmed. Medical Barrier Cream does not contain any
essential oils and is meant primarily for barrier repair.

Client: Is proper skin care the only thing I can do to reduce my psoriasis symptoms?
Epionce Professional: Healthy lifestyle choices can have a positive effect on the frequency and severity of psoriasis flares. Try your best to avoid too much chocolate, caffeine or alcohol. Consume a diet with high anti-inflammatory focus, such as the South Beach Diet, that includes good protein and healthy omega-3 fats (from fish). A daily multivitamin is recommended, along with probiotics, flax and borage oil supplements. Stress can also trigger a flare, so be sure to balance your time with exercise, meditation, prayer or laughter.

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